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Company: Blind Ambition
Contact: Dale DiGiovenale
Phone: 513-232-9503
Email: [email protected]  



Company: A Step Above Flooring
Contact: Marty Dickhaus
Phone: 513-889-3915
Email: [email protected]



Company: Brickworks
Contact: Tom Jemison
Phone: 513-617-4148
Email: [email protected]


Company: Ace Chimney Sweeps
Contact: Fred Kaiser
Work Phone: 513-732-2104
Mobile Phone: 513-732-2102



Company: A & K Cleaning
Contact: Karen Robinson
Phone: 513-884-0967
Email: [email protected]


Contact: Tonya Young
Phone: 513 307 3672



Contact: Kelly Shumard
Phone: 513 306-1545
Email: [email protected]


Contact: Chad Barr
Phone: 513-889-9833
Email: [email protected] 


Estate Sales

Company: H & S Estate Sales
Contact: Robert Hill
Phone: 859-468-9468


General Contractors

Company: RDI Services
Contact: Richard Izzi
Phone: 513-348-0104
Email: [email protected]


Company: Mayne Contracting
Contact: Jason Mayne
Phone: 513-824-5079
Email: [email protected]


Contact: Mike Powell
Phone: 513 833 0780
Email: [email protected]


Contact: Tim Meeker 
Phone: 513-739-9239 or 513-553-0144


Company: Constructive Living LLC
Contact: Garry Howard
Office Phone: 513-843-6606
Cell Phone: 859-907-5896
Email: [email protected] 


Company: Mable & Granite
Contact: Joe Pesce
Phone: 513-295-2938
Email: [email protected]



Company: Richwood Flooring
Contact: Rich McLaren
Phone: 513-485-8920
Email: [email protected]


Home Inspection

Company: The Home Inspector
Contact: Todd Engle
Phone: 859-630-4659
Email: toddtheh[email protected]


Company: National Property Inspections
Name: Greg Eckert
Phone: 513-503-4277
Email: [email protected]


Company: Pillar to Post
Contact: Tom Capuano
Phone: 513-771-6689
Email: [email protected]


Company: ABI Home Inspection (Licensed KY)
Phone: 513-917-6002


Company: Safeguard Building Inspections
Contact: Andrew Seeger
Phone: 513-482-0449

HVAC Service

Company: That Guy Heating & Cooling
Contact: Jason Ormes
Phone: 513-616-5855
Email: [email protected]


Mold Remediation

Company: Tri-Weh
Contact: Eric Cooper
Phone: 513-231-6653 

Company: Icon Environmental
Contact: Jeremy Clayton
Phone: 513-396-6653
Email: [email protected]



Contact: Jim Kendrick
Phone: 513-933-9051

Contact: Joe Shelton
Business Phone: 513-793-7264
Mobile Phone: 513-232-9131 

Ferguson Moving & Storage
Phone: 513-271-9200 

University Movers
Contact: Mark
Phone: 513-860-6700



Company: Lettuce Paint
Contact: Peggy Fleisch & Melonie Wright
Phone: 513-236-0223
Phone: 513-300-2268
Email: [email protected]


Company: Interior/Exterior Painting
Contact: James Gifreda
Phone: 513-314-3601
Email: [email protected]


Contact: Tom Kozerski 
Phone: 513-605-9068


Contact: Beverly Hodge
Phone: 513-344-8520 


Contact: Gary the Plumber
Phone: 859-907-5896


Contact: Bob Smith
Phone: 513-254-5382
Email: [email protected]


Company: Radon Diva 
Contact: Jennifer Schlotbom 
Phone: 513-222-8343
Email: [email protected]  



Company: DKF Services, LLC
Contact: David Fisher
Phone: 513-692-8155
Email: [email protected]



Company: Sherriff-Goslin Roofing
Contact: Dan Duda
Business Phone: 513-874-7663
Mobile Phone: 513-617-6375
Email: [email protected]


Company: JTD Roofing
Contact: Ryan Delahanty
Business Phone: 513-258-0450
Mobile Phone: 513-535-7712 
Email: [email protected] 



Company: Design To Market
Contact: Jo Potvin  
Phone: 513-265-0952
Email: [email protected]


Company: Wise Home Staging
Contact: 513-300-5154
Email: [email protected]


Structural Engineer

Contact: Del Ogle
Business Phone: 513-961-0648
Mobile Phone: 513-403-2827

Termite Treatment

Company: First Choice Pest Control
Contact: Chris Snow
Business Phone: 513-753-5945
Mobile Phone: 513-518-9220
Email: [email protected]


Company: Maximum Termite
Contact: Glenn Neal
Business Phone: 513-734-9700
Mobile Phone: 513-309-9566
Email: [email protected]


Tree Services

Company: ACW Tree Services
Contact: Craig & Azaria Wright
Phone: 513-276-3558
Phone: 937-508-8539
Email: [email protected]



Company: Pickens Glass
Phone: 513-931-4432